Ginjoe Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU) of Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. will help you with your bridge inspection and maintenance tasks. It is a versatile and efficient machine. Built on the reliable TATA PRIMA 3132 or equivalent cabin chassis . MBIU is designed to provide a safe, quick and economic system of access to those structures where setting of scaffolding is not feasible or not economical. These units take a few minutes only to launch from the rest position to the work position without personnel on board. After launching manoeuvres are completed, operators can descend on the platform through the provided protected access. We are sure this equipment shall solve your worksite access issues in a safe and comfortable manner.


They are available in three different platform sizes: 10 meters, 12 meters & 15 meters.

Salient Features:

  • >> Ergonomic design
  • >> Assist in quick repair
  • >> Easy trouble shooting and maintenance
  • >> Wind monitor and alarm
  • >> Multiple interlocks for added safety
  • >> Dedicated power supply –DG set
  • >> The device involves automatic folding/ unfolding.
  • >> Special anti-corrosive painting
  • >> Sensors for monitoring the stability
  • >> Automatic alarm and emergency cut-off system
  • >> Dedicated PLC control box
  • >> Total time to open the platform completely is less than 20min
  • >> Technology transfer certificate no. : IN-DL89752402512853N
  • >> Its structural design conforms to Indian standards ( IS 800, IS 806,IS 2266, IS 7205 & IRC codes) and the functional design conforms to American codes(ANSI/SIA 92.8).

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