Gemini Power Hydraulics was started in 1988 to cater to the rising needs of the industrial and construction sector. Ever since, we have been providing comprehensive solutions in India. For more than two decades we have been availing superior products of many leading international industrial and construction equipment manufacturing firms in the Indian market.

Consultation services throughout the sale process and beyond

We provide consultation services that help the customer understand the product. Our consultation services also help in understanding the unique Indian market, assists in research and strategic planning, relationship formation, as well as tactical planning and execution for entry into the Indian market place.

Pan India presence and a strong support network

We have our offices located in all the major cities of India. Our support network of engineers are always a call away to help you out with the usage of the product or for solving any other query you may have regarding the product.

Led by experts and followed by admirers

Our team of experts is led by Mr. Rajiv Sethi who is the founder, promoter and chairman of Gemini Power Hydraulics. He has 25 years of rich experience in the industrial and construction equipment business. It is the knowledge of individuals such as Rajiv that forms the base of our successful endeavors which have been recognized and awarded over the years.